Market.Space Setup Instructions for Slack

Market.Space provides free competitive intelligence for teams. See whenever you or your competition are mentioned in the press, update mobile apps, or publish breakout blogs, social posts or videos. Using customized MarketSpace slash commands, you can instantly search across all competitive activity, and see real-time charts and comparisons. Follow three companies for free.

Step 1: Get the integration

Add to Slack

Select “Add to Slack” and choose a channel for MarketSpace. We recommend that you create a new channel for your Market.Space.

Step 2: Register

Registration allows you and your colleagues to share a set of companies followed in Market.Space, but personally configure each of your selections of developments to follow.

To register, use the same email address that is associated with your Slack account. Once you have registered, all companies enabled for your account will be available to anyone else on the same email domain and Slack team.

Once you enter your name and email address, check your email for the confirmation message. Click the link and you will return to the setup process.

Step 3: Configure your companies

First, select which companies you want to follow. If you are joining an existing Market.Space, you can select which of the companies in the Market.Space you want to include in your customized version.

Choosing Companies

If you are creating a new Market.Space, enter the companies you want to follow.

Add or remove company subscription

Step 4: Configure developments to follow

Marketspace focuses on just the topics and events you care about, and each user or group of users can configure their own feed based on their interests and function.

Select the ones you want on this screen.

Topics that matter to you

You can always return to these settings with the /settings command; and when you follow a link from within Slack, there is no need to log-in to Market.Space.

Step 5: Use commands

The Market.Space integration includes powerful commands to deliver competitive information on demand right in Slack. These appear in the command menu.

Slack Commands for Market.Space

Try these commands: