Market.Space Setup Instructions for Office 365 Connector

Market.Space provides free competitive intelligence for teams. See whenever you or your competition are mentioned in the press, update mobile apps, or publish breakout blogs, social posts or videos.

Step 1: Start registration

Registration allows you and your colleagues to share a set of companies followed in Market.Space, but personally configure what you want to follow.

Begin the registration process on our hompage

Create a MarketSpace

Step 2: Configure your companies

First, select which companies you want to follow. If you are joining an existing Market.Space, you can select which of the companies in the Market.Space you want to include in your customized version.

Choosing Companies

Step 3: Configure channels

MarketSpace allows you to control the volume of activity for different channels. You can get everything, just the highlights or get all activity for specific companies.

Select the ones you want on this screen.

Configure your channels

You can always return to this page by visiting

Step 4: Configure Office 365 Connector

After configuring your channels you will be taken to our delivery page ( Click "Connect to Office 365", if necessary log in to your O365 account, and you're ready to go! You can always return to the delivery page to set the frequency of notifications, or remove your integration.

Integrate Office 365