Decentralized system for data storage, transmission and direct content distribution

for businesses and individuals

Affordable and intuitive platform where customers and professional hosting providers interact

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Data storage
Data transmission
Direct distribution of digital content
Host aggregator
  • Market.space offers an utterly secure and transparent platform for data storage, transmission and direct content distribution. No commissions, regulations or security threats
  • Decentralization along with engagement of professional hosting providers enables reliable and secure data storage
  • The system functions as a marketplace where exchange mechanism of pricing and unlimited number of participants underlie affordability
  • All the contractors are remunerated


8 years file sharing and file storage experience

Monitored by Webshield for IP and BRAM violations

TOP 3 File sharing website in Japan

Top 400 the Most visited websites in Asia

Users so far

Over 20 PB of Storage capacity

Users monthly

40M visits per month



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ICO profile


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Market potential

Today the number of Internet users reaches up to 3.8B people,
which makes almost 50% of the world population
39% of them, or 1.5B people, regularly use cloud storage services
20152016201720182019202020212022$21.2$99.8 bln
The volume of the cloud storage market totalled to $27.1B in 2016. With an annual growth rate of nearly 25%, it's expected to hit $99B mark by 2022
Market penetration will have grown from 47% to 59% by 2020
The number of cloud storage users is forecast to reach 4.6B people in 2022

Features of modern data storage systems

Security threats

Centralized storage of unencrypted data involves high risks of account hacks, data leakage and theft as well as data disclosure to third parties

Inflexible pricing

Bundled pricing imposes fixed storage volumes and/or time period exceeding customer's needs

Data accessibility

Data transfer from cold storage to a mode with regular access mostly requires a fee

Decentralized data storage on consumer devices solves the security problem but incurs certain risks

Data is inaccessible when required

Consumer devices are highly vulnerable to corruption

Potentially low data access speed

Market.space offers a solution both customers and contractors will benefit from

The system works as a marketplace with affordable pricing

The customer pays only for time and storage used

Independence from local and international legal norms related to data storage and transmission

Possibility to earn on leasing any processing power. Only storage capacity matters

  • Anonymous data upload
  • Encryption at all stages
  • Optional storage on multiple servers
  • Using a proxy or a chain of proxies
  • Engagement of professional hosting providers
  • Insurance deposit guarantees contractor's liability
  • Metrics-based rate system facilitates the choice of contractors

Direct distribution of authentic text, audio and video content

Professional equipment provides a far more efficient ratio of volume stored to power consumed

How it works

Learn more in

White Paper

How do I benefit from Market.space?


gets supersafe and affordable data storage and transmission

Hosting provider

is rewarded for data storage and gets a possibility to utilize unused disc space


is remunerated for verifying transactions and forging blocks


gets a reward for data transmission




Token sale

March 26 at 11:00 - May 6 at 11:00

1 MASP$0.35
Soft cap$15,000,000
Hard cap$50,000,000
Minimum contribution$35
Maximum contributionUnlimited
Accepted funds
Token emission is limited to the ICO time6 weeks


White Paper

Token allocation

  • 60% - Token sale contributors
  • 20% - Reserve fund
  • 15% - Team
  • 5% - Advisors, bounty

Token economy*

  • Tokens are required for any operations in the system
  • System participants form token demand while investors provide token supply
  • As the system expands, the number of participants and trade volume grow
  • The demand for token increases proportionally
  • Token emission is limited to the ICO period so as to prevent token devaluation
  • Token value grows which spurs investors to buy it
  • * Disclaimer: A general long-term trend is meant. As the system is developing, token value fluctuations are inevitable
  • ** The graph image is not an indicator of real values and performs a visual function only


  • 8+ years’ experience in the Data storage market by Rapidgator.net


  • QI
  • QII
    Expanding the team
    Blockchain platform and smart contracts
  • QIII
    Legal & Economics
  • QIV
    Basic version of customer software


  • QI
    Test launch
  • QI-QII
  • QIII


    Further promotion and expansion


  • QI
    Customer software for mobile platforms (Android, iOS)


Crypto Space Conference

August 12, 2017


December 21, 2017

WBC Summit

January 27, 2018

d10e ICO Pitch Competition

Silicon Valley
February 16, 2018

NAC3 - A Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference

New York City
February 24, 2018

UNICOM Blockchain Summit

March 7, 2018


Market.space is a blockchain-based decentralized self-regulated service for data storage, transmission and direct distribution of digital content

Tokens will be allocated within two week after the ICO end. You'll be able to see them in your Market.space account and/or withdraw to any Ethereum wallet

First of all, we use blockchain for decentralization, which means high fault-tolerance in case of attacks. It also enables using addresses/wallets for verification. Thus it's possible to bypass the proof of identity and maintain the anonymity of participants. Timestamps may serve for defense of intellectual property rights or as a proof of ownership.

Engagement of professional hosting providers combined with blockchain technology makes Market.space a completely reliable and supersafe service granting you instant and round-the-clock data access.

But for the traditional data storage and transmission, Market.space can be used for confirmation of transactions (document signature time) and proof of ownership. Our system can simplify and expedite the defense of patents, trademarks and intellectual property rights.

Market.space is also a perfect fit for direct distribution of content as it enables secure and seamless delivery of audio, video, etc. from artists to their audience.

We've devised a system each participant can benefit from. High quality product, well-thought-out promotion and success stories of our clients - these are the key elements underpinning the growth of Market.space popularity and ensuing growth of the token.

Since part of tokens is allocated to the Team, we have a vested interest in the system development and token growth.

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