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What's a MarketSpace?

All the companies
you care about

Know when they launch products, get reviewed, make hires, raise money, close deals, update apps, trend socially, drop videos or get bought. We could go on.

Monitored and visualized across channels

News, social, apps, videos and more, all in one place, and quantified in real-time charts that are interactive, exportable, and pretty nice looking, if we do say so ourselves.

Filtered your way

Want everything, or just what's trending? More interested in some companies than others? Find your perfect ratio of signal to noise.

Delivered to your door

Well, almost. Enjoy your MarketSpace via RSS, Slack, Hipchat, Salesforce, daily email, Google Sheets, Office 365, or a mobile friendly web app. (We'll even roll you an API if the price is right).


Monitor any number of companies completely free, and when you're ready, upgrade to premium for deeper scans, website change monitoring and much more.

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